Commercial Use

©2008-2013 WM [squared] Designs


Everything has been created at 300 dpi for maximum quality.

This product has been created for commercial use.  This is a legal agreement between you and WM[squared] Designs.  You do not need to give credit to WM[squared] Designs or WM[squared] Designs by Wendy in your TOU, but it is appreciated.

You may NOT :

  • redistribute the unaltered original files or actions individually or as a group, for free or for profit. You must add  your color, styles, etc.
  • include the original files in a layered file where the original file can be easily extracted.
  •  use the files or actions in printed commercial products.
  • offer these original files or actions on any web site as downloads or send them through a news list or Yahoo  Groups. They are not for your free distribution. This is considered pirating, and is ILLEGAL!

You MAY :

  • use these designs to modify or create new art and or graphics for sale in Scrap Creations, Scrap Kits, Layouts, and Tags.

The material is granted to you “AS IS” with no guarantees.
All images, graphics and content in this product, are copyrighted by © 2008-2011 WM[squared] Designs unless otherwise stated.


At all times the content of this product remains the sole property of the original creator (WM[squared] Designs).
WM[squared] Designs shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damages resulting from the use or inability to use products provided.  Please be sure to read the entirety of the description in the store.  It will state if an item is geared toward a specific program, size, etc.

Thank you and enjoy your product.
WM[squared] Designs